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[Read] ➺ Behind Every Lie ➶ Christina  McDonald – Addwebsites.info From The Author Of The Night Olivia Fell An Emotionally Charged Mystery Mary Kubica, New York Times Bestselling Author Comes A Thrilling New Suspense Novel About The Insidious Nature Of Family Secrets And Their Deadly PotentialIf You Can T Remember It, How Do You Prove You Didn T Do It Eva Hansen Wakes In The Hospital After Being Struck By Lightning And Discovers Her Mother, Kat, Has Been Murdered Eva Was Found Unconscious Down The Street She Can T Remember What Happened But The Police Are Highly Suspicious Of HerDetermined To Clear Her Name, Eva Heads From Seattle To London Kat S Former Home For Answers But As She Unravels Her Mother S Carefully Held Secrets, Eva Soon Realizes That Someone Doesn T Want Her To Know The Truth And With Violent Memories Beginning To Emerge, Eva Doesn T Know Who To Trust Least Of All HerselfTold In Alternating Perspectives From Eva S Search For Answers And Kat S Mysterious Past, Christina McDonald Has Crafted Another Complex, Emotionally Intense Publishers Weekly Domestic Thriller Behind Every Lie Explores The Complicated Nature Of Mother Daughter Relationships, Family Trauma, And The Danger Behind Long Held Secrets Eva Hanson, who lives in Whidbey Island, Washington, makes and sells beautiful decorative pottery Whidbey IslandHowever Eva is reluctant to exhibit her artwork in nearby Seattle, partly because of a terrible trauma she suffered a few years ago, which caused self doubt and distrust Eva now relies heavily on her fianc Liam to take care of the bumps in her life, and Liam a take charge kind of guy who works as property developer is happy to do it.Given her nervous disposition, Eva is REALLY disquieted when she wakes up in a hospital after being struck by lightning Worse yet, Police Detective Kent Jackson tells Eva that her mother Kat was brutally murdered last night, and he makes it clear that Eva is a suspect.Eva knows she was at her mom s house yesterday evening, but has no memory of what happened beyond flashes of a bloody scene and a knife in her hand, which she smartly doesn t mention to the cop.Though Eva is woozy and has amnesia, a lump on her head, and blistered feathery markings covering her arm lightning induced Lichtenberg figures she leaves the hospital and makes her way to her mother s house Lichtenberg figuresThere Eva finds a letter that sends her haring off to London, where her mom Kat lived until she came to the United States.Detective Jackson calls Eva in London, with threats to have her arrested by Interpol, but Eva refuses to return to Washington until she s completed her inquiries And Eva makes some startling discoveries before she returns home, where she just might have to face a murder charge The story alternates back and forth between accounts of the past narrated by Kat, and sections about Eva s life now It turns out that all the main protagonists in the book have big secrets, which are unveiled one by one as the story unfolds Other characters in the story include Eva s brother Andrew Eva s fellow artist Melissa Eva s childhood friend and neighbor Jacob Kat s British employer Rose and various men important to the tale.The book is fast moving with plenty of action, but I do have a few quibbles First, I dislike stories that feature a female who puts up with a man like Liam, who expects her to defer to him about everything Eva was too weak and submissive for a good part of the book prattling on about how strong and reliable Liam was and this irritated me.Second, there are several occasions when characters make stunning discoveries, or make life changing decisions..and they don t have a dramatic response It seems like they think, Oh really, and calmly go on with their lives This seems unrealistic.That said, this is an enjoyable mystery thriller Recommended to fans of the genre.Thanks to Netgalley, the author Christina McDonald , and the publisher Gallery Books for a copy of the book.You can follow my reviews at I hang on to every word she writes The follow up to The Night Olivia Fell is just as tense, compelling, and emotional Full review closer to pub in February I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own.Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com and instagram www.instagram.com tarheelreader Three confusing, guilt feeling, my head is about to explode because of overthinking stars I truly confess, when I read Night Olivia Fell , I mostly enjoyed the writing style and the author s approach of mother and daughter relationship But I considered that book is an emotional fiction and I didn t find it mysterious and thrilling enough so I gave three stars which I regretted and thought to write an upgraded review because nothing was irritating about the book Just I wished to read something heart throbbing and juicy And this new book is than juicy It is raw, rare, head spinning kind of twisty, full of surprises but those too much sucker punching, back stabbing, you didn t see it coming did you moron reader, look I am so smart and you just paralyzed with shock, you cannot even move an inch kind of edgy, stunning, sudden twists are TOO MUCH to absorb There are so many coincidences I don t want to give spoilers but Kat s realization about some important pieces of puzzle depending on remembering the suspicious guy s watch brand Because her abuser husband preferred the same brand of watch Oh come on The story starts with celebration dinner Eva, her mother Kat, brother Andrew and mother s bestie, her fairy auntie Lily gather together to raise their glasses for Kat s heroic act to save an innocent child.We catch glimpses about mother and daughter s problematic relationship Eva has a secret about her past that no one believes in her She keeps the police reports secret from her fiancee and she terrifies her mother can spill the beans so she hesitates to introduce him to her family And then at the next chapter she finds herself at the hospital bed, STRUCK BY THE LIGHTNING yes, you read it right, I don t know why the author found so extreme solution to punish her character Without any light striking or natural disaster, Eva may still suffer from amnesia Her brain may naturally rejects the things happened that night because of heavy traumatic experience she endured She finds out her mother stabbed several times and brutally murdered And she is the prime suspect of the killing So she needs to gather the lost pieces of her memory but to do it effectively, she needs to face the secrets and lies that her family had carried for years WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK Two POVED story telling and impeccable, genuine, natural, well rounded characterization Both Kat and Eva suffered from different traumas abuse, rape, abandonment, violence, rejection but they are capable to find their own ways to survive and discover who they are Both of them are not great examples of heroines They have flaws, obsessions, insecurities but these attributes help us to empathize them and understand their way of thinking, what they did wrong WHAT I DON T LIKE ABOUT IT There are so many coincidences I had hard time to understand the motives of the probable killer waiting for so long to avenge Because his or her motivation had to depend on something sacred and emotional but this person doesn t have any of them So this makes let s say him or her a caricatured, artificial bad guy And all of those abuse, suicide, schematic runaway plans, disguises, stalker, obsessive characters are too much for one story All those materials could be used for two different books We didn t need so much surprises to engage with the story at all At the revelation part, all those information makes you feel like you re hungover from consuming at least 100 tequila and 67 Jagermeister shots I m talking from experience, this is my regular girls night out consuming, but I guarantee that next day you crawl and cry at least 7 hours or hit by a Christmas tree another experience but i did it myself, don t ask me how I think those things I drank were not only eggnogs My spider senses guessed most of the surprises but I still kept repeated WHAT WHAT WHAT OH ISN T IT ENOUGH Thankfully after the heroine was struck by the lightning, she wasn t also crushed by the truck and crumbled under the falling piano coming out of nowhere at the very same night I don t suggest her play lottery She is unluckiest heroine I ve ever seen and she may also presumed murderer Poor Eva Some parts of the book I gave hysterical laughs because it turned into an over exaggerated B rated thriller movies So I gave three stars but I liked the characters, riveting, fast pacing, high tempo and story telling If there weren t so many twists and some simpler solution to solve the mystery, I could happily give points because the author is brilliant and has so much potential.Special thanks to NetGalley and Gallery, Pocket Books for sharing this ARC COPY with me in exchange for my honest review Christina McDonald follows up her smashing debut The Night Olivia Fell with another winner McDonald starts with a bang, then builds the action steadily, a gradual unfolding of secrets and lies that will have you constantly switching alliances Read it like I did, in one sitting and straight through to The End, because you won t want to put this one down.

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