10 thoughts on “Concrete Mathematics

  1. Kevin K. Gillette Kevin K. Gillette says:

    I had the great fortune to take this course at Stanford from Ron Graham, with Oren Patashnik as my TA, and we used Don Knuth s Art Of Computer Programming Vol 1 Fundamental Algorithms as our textbook All of the course notes and problem set solutions were writt

  2. Thore Husfeldt Thore Husfeldt says:

    Incredibly well written, utterly idiosyncratic, and remarkably useless Somewhere between masterpiece and complete failure I love every comma of it.

  3. Joshua Joshua says:

    I m still working my way through this book it s supposed to be a precursor to the Art of Computer Programming, to give you the math foundation you need The explanations are clear and the exercises are great.

  4. Stefano Finazzo Stefano Finazzo says:

    Apredendo a contar e a somar como gente grande.O livro do Knuth um manual de t cnicas para lidar com recorr ncias, somas e problemas de contagens como os manuais de m todos matem ticos para f sicos, numa vers o para cientistas da computa o O pragmatismo mais importante que o rigor Para Knu

  5. Joe Cole Joe Cole says:

    I really recommend this book It simply teaches you how to think in a simple way without complex unproven theorems This book is really challenging and provides the reader all the tools he will need to enjoy learning the topics presented.

  6. Paul Floyd Paul Floyd says:

    The first three chapters were OK, but by the time I got to hypergeometric generating functions I was feeling a bit out of my depth The last couple of chapters on probability and asymptotics were a bit easier to follow.

  7. Jigar Brahmbhatt Jigar Brahmbhatt says:

    A wonderful, wonderful exploration of a mathematical system that according to its authors is a blend of continuous and discreet mathematics It also forms a foundation to understand Donald Knuth s epic exploration of algorithms, the seven books series on the Art of Computer Programming Like with all the books by Knuth,

  8. Jeff Rogers Jeff Rogers says:

    Very good book I haven t read the whole thing, but have read a number of the sections that were of particular interest to me especially the chapter on generating functions It s worth noting that this is a challenging book and if you haven t had some exposure to mathematics before and developed some degree of mathematical maturit

  9. Avinash K Avinash K says:

    Really good Well written But really, a very good text book If you don t want to solve the exercises at least 40% what is called the Warm Ups and The Basics you are better of with a book meant for popular reading If you would like to solve the exercises, then here s to many a rainy Sunday afternoons

  10. Peb Peb says:

    buku yang menyenangkan, terutama bwt gw yang rada alergi sama matematik cara penyampaiannya seperti ngobrol santai tapi sambil mengajarkan pola pikir kreatif ttg problem solving dengan matematika buku pertama yang bikin gw ketawa sambil baca buku teks. D learning math would never be this fun..

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