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Download ☆ Creed of Vengeance  By Aubrey Dasher – In The Parishes Of Louisiana, It S Time For A Reckoning For Than Two Thousand Years, Children Have Been At The Mercy Of Pedophile Catholic Priests, But A Reckoning Is On Its Way In The Form Of Outraged Locals Who Will Stop At Nothing To Avenge Their Own Creed Of Vengeance Takes You On A Heart Stopping Journey Through Three Generations Of Abuse Victims As Cajun Justice Emerges Out Of Bayou Country, With Inescapable And Heartless Cruelty Brought Down Upon The Guilty LeR Y Garceau, Raped In Childhood By His Priest, And His Similarly Abused Nephew, Remy, Lead Local Vigilantes And Outlaw Motorcycle Club Members On A Quest For Punishment And Retribution With The Help Of A Cadre Of Brilliant, Ruthless Cajun Women, LeR Y And Remy S Team Chase Justice From The Parishes And Bayous Of Louisiana To Angola State Prison, And Even To The War Torn Streets Of Iraq But A Final, Unimaginable Calling Awaits A Confrontation On The Astral Plane, Where A Battle Of Spiritual Forces Will Decide Who Is Liberated And Transformed And Who Is Damned And Enslaved For Eternity

12 thoughts on “Creed of Vengeance

  1. Terry Terry says:

    Revenge is a dish best served Cajun, or at least in this novel it is Not a book for the squeamish, but a satisfying tale of the bad guys getting their just due and then some Well written with a suspenseful, extremely intense storyline.

  2. Shelley Shelley says:

    I won a copy of this book from Goodreads This is a story about the sexual abuse of children by priest and the retribution that is given to them when the children get older It is a harsh story to read, but It happened and is probably still happening.

  3. Csimplot Simplot Csimplot Simplot says:

    Excellent book

  4. Aubrey Dasher Aubrey Dasher says:

    The following are reviews of Creed of Vengeance from readers and professional reviewers.Kirkus review In this wide ranging book, Dasher provides a psychologically astute peek into the mind of a predator Reviews Page turning tale of revenge A great page turning book about the wonderful possibilities of revenge on pedophiles from the Catholic church 5 stars.Vengeance is a dish best served cold Th

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