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[Reading] ➺ Faultlines  By Barbara Taylor Sissel – Addwebsites.info It s the phone call every parent dreads in the middle of the night, Sandy Cline learns that her twenty year old son, Jordan, has been in a car accident Her nephew, Travis, was also in the car, along with Travis s girlfriend All three are alive but barely The car was smashed against a tree along a remote and winding road, beautiful but deadly, in their rural Texas Hill Country town.In the wake of the car crash, the close knit family is tested like never before Jenna, Travis s mother, blames Jordan as well as her sister, Sandy after reports surface that Jordan had been driving As the young adults struggle to survive, tension between their parents escalates But when trust is broken and a shocking family secret is exposed, it creates a perfect storm of harrowing consequences Rumors in the small town spread like wildfire When details of the accident are questioned, Sandy and Jenna wonder if their family has been destroyed beyond repair.My Thoughts From the first moments, I immersed myself in the story of a family suffering one of the worst events that can happen to parents a child in danger, possibly because of something reckless one of them did Set in the Texas hill country, in a small town named Wyatt, we are offered a glimpse of the people, the setting, and how families cope in tragic moments.Sandy, mother to Jordan, is blindsided when her sister Jenna, Travis s mother, reveals a long hidden secret in front of the family And in a hurtful way It was easy to see that she acted out of pain, but the consequences would be long standing, and the bitterness would last for the foreseeable future.Emmett, Sandy s husband, reacts to the revelation by leaving Sandy in the lurch and ultimately, creating another chasm in the family.Jordan makes another discovery that will lead him to an older woman named Libby Hennessey, whose husband Beck is somehow connected to him.Meanwhile, so many events seem to collide and come together, in an almost domino effect, that had me, as a reader, wondering how everything would unfold Why is the small town detective, Officer Huckabee, seemingly targeting Jordan Why is he obsessed with Jenna, Travis s mother Who is cutting up and killing animals and displaying them on Libby s property As the secrets, lies, and mistaken choices slowly come together, Faultlines reveals of the darkness that lies within a small town and in a family, but also provides a glimpse of moments of healing A five star read. This was a sad and depressing read And now I feel sad and depressed especially on this gloomy, rainy day I need to find a fluffy funny read in my TBR pile Or take a nap 2.5 stars It S The Phone Call Every Parent Dreads In The Middle Of The Night, Sandy Cline Learns That Her Twenty Year Old Son, Jordan, Has Been In A Car Accident Her Nephew, Travis, Was Also In The Car, Along With Travis S Girlfriend All Three Are Alive But Barely The Car Was Smashed Against A Tree Along A Remote And Winding Road, Beautiful But Deadly, In Their Rural Texas Hill Country TownIn The Wake Of The Car Crash, The Close Knit Family Is Tested Like Never Before Jenna, Travis S Mother, Blames Jordan As Well As Her Sister, Sandy After Reports Surface That Jordan Had Been Driving As The Young Adults Struggle To Survive, Tension Between Their Parents Escalates But When Trust Is Broken And A Shocking Family Secret Is Exposed, It Creates A Perfect Storm Of Harrowing Consequences Rumors In The Small Town Spread Like Wildfire When Details Of The Accident Are Questioned, Sandy And Jenna Wonder If Their Family Has Been Destroyed Beyond RepairAs Always, There S Much To The Story If The Family Is To Survive, They Will Have To Come Together To Confront The Terrible Truth And Overcome Their Pain But Are Some Betrayals Unforgivable Her mind circled the word trauma, keeping a distance from it It might have been a snake, coiled and ready to strike Can there be anything worse than a phone call in the middle of the night about a loved one in a serious auto accident In this case of Sandy Cline, it s her son, along with her nephew and another young female passenger, who have smashed into a tree along a rural Texas Hill Country road.The accident is so serious that all three young people have to be transported by helicopter to a major hospital in Austin It s clear that alcohol and speed were factors, but what remains foggy is just who was driving Sandy s son, Jordan, seems the most likely to have been responsible, which causes a major rift between Sandy and her sister.The family and local police seem to think Sandy is in denial about her son s proclivities And what child reveals his secrets to his parents Is Jordan a reckless alcoholic, as everyone suggests Will he end up doing jail time for his behavior Moreover, was he really the driver As events begin to worsen at the hospital, secrets begin to trickle out, causing even trauma in the extended family It appears it s not only Jordan who s been keeping secrets.This gripping story takes some unexpected twists and turns, but the storyline doesn t necessarily rest on the whodunnit part of the tale The focus on family and how people deal with traumatic situations is truly what s at the heart of this well written novel.Thanks to Good Reads and Lake Union Publishing for allowing me to read this book. What a fabulous story of suspense, family drama, and long buried secrets FAULTLINES opens with a horrific single car wreck that appears to be a tragic but straight forward case of underage drinking and speeding on a dangerous rural road And yet nothing in this gripping novel is quite as it seems As accusations of blame rip apart the families involved, Barbara Sissel masterfully unravels a shocking truth Filled with twists I didn t see coming, this novel kept me flipping pages way past my bedtime Loved it A special thank you to Lake Union and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewNice Cover Barbara Taylor Sissel delivers an emotional, gripping domestic suspense, FAULTLINES how hidden fault lines and secrets threaten families From teens to parents betrayal, guilt, trust, blame, forgivenessA character driven tale of how the secrets we hold closest, are the ones that can most tear us apart.A heartfelt, moving and cautionary tale, of the lasting effects of grief and betrayal amidst family bonds and the healing powers of love, honesty, and acceptance.Fault lines among relationships are potentially disruptive boundaries between what people perceive as incompatible or irreconcilable differences What makes a previously harmonious relationship quake Told from two POV, two women, Sandy and Libby Two women which may not have anything in common However, they may be similar in many ways Sisters, Sandy and Jenna are close However, one of their sons causes the death of another A car accident Drunk driving There is a secret How will they ever go back Jenna swore to keep Sandy s secret many years ago A sister s bond However, something happens and she spills the secret Broken trust Desperation Choices A marriage in trouble Pain Consequences Forgiveness.Teenagers in a drunk driving accident Who is to blame Families torn apart A son, nephew, brother and friend Lives and families are tested in many ways, from friendships, parenting, marriages, sisters, wives and husbands A sympathetic exploration of family, where the characters each grapple with life s challenges The author renders each of them with compassion and understanding Heartfelt, heartbreaking, and ultimately an uplifting novel sure to start an important dialogue about the secrets we keep and it could even save lives The consequences of drinking and driving How we can help others, before it is too late An ideal choice for book clubs and further discussions a great reading group guide included Fault line A divisive issue or difference of opinion that is likely to have serious consequences A fault line is something that will divide you and lead to some serious issues in a marriage Physical fault lines are located beneath the surface of the earth So they are not easily noticed The only way a fault line can be recognized is by going deep By looking below the surface Cracks This involves communication before it is too late As in an earthquake, it often causes great destruction or upheaval Destruction or survivalThought provoking Mixed with domestic suspense and crime Fans of Amy Hatvany, Randy Susan Meyers, Barbara Claypole White and Diane Chamberlainwill enjoy the powerful and complex highly charged topics of family My first book by the author, and look forward to reading In addition to the digital reading copy, also purchased the audiobook narrated by Donna Postel,for an engaging performance I always enjoy Postel narrator of Donna Ball, Ellen Meister, J Carson Black sbooks, among others JDCMustReadBooks Faultlines was a decent book, a good read, a nice mystery story with all kinds of family issues woven into it And I think that sums up my feelings on it nice not great, not bad, not outstanding, not horrible To me, nothing stands out about it as far as the writing goes, or even the storyline Even the character development wasn t what I would call deep Still, it s a decent book if you have an afternoon to kill, just don t mistake this for literary fiction or a great mystery thriller Thank you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for an advance copy of this in exchange for an honest review. Faultlines focuses on a serious car accident involving young adults and the consequences of the incident This was a character led mystery that didn t completely grip me, but I did find it quite enjoyable to listen to.I borrowed this book in audiobook format through Kindle Unlimited. Just when I thought I had read her best, Barbara Sissel astounds me again A call in the night, a teenage car accident, secrets, lies and relationships She gives the reader an emotional ride so realistic and believable, the reader becomes part of the story Her characters are so very human There is something so humbling about her ability to give us real human emotions with undercurrents of secrets and deception When a child is hurt, who is to blame Can we place blame This book was so realistic I was hooked from the first page A another triumph from Barbara Sissel A MUST READ Around 4am Sandy and Emmett Cline s lives were shattered when they received a call to let them know their son Jordan, his cousin and best friend Travis, and Travis girlfriend Michelle had been in a serious car accident The race to the hospital where they met up with Jenna, Sandy s sister and mother of Travis was a long and grief filled one All three were severely injured and the two boys were airlifted to the larger trauma hospital a few hours away When Jenna s hostility and anger levelled blame at Jordan and Sandy, Sandy was shocked Learning the evidence showed Jordan was driving with the local Sergeant determined to arrest Jordan when he was conscious caused Emmett and Sandy intense heartache as well as denial But fury was Sandy s main emotion she felt the family fracturing felt she was unable to do anything about it She felt grief at Travis and Michelle s injuries concern and love for Jordan who seemed to be recovering slowly and then when Jordan vowed he wasn t driving, confusion and guilt As the family struggled with what had happened, the secret which had been hidden for many years was suddenly and hurtfully revealed And it seemed worse was to come it was never ending and heart breaking would the family survive, or would it be broken forever Faultlines by Barbara Taylor Sissel is a heart stopping, intense ride from start to finish The feeling of my heart in my throat was there constantly the intricate details, the various characters who played their parts so well all came together to form another brilliant read by this author which I highly recommend.With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this copy to read in exchange for my honest review.

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