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[Read] ➭ The Eighth Master By J.D. Rutherford – Addwebsites.info Somebody Is Going To Die, And It Won T Be An Accident Neil Is An Idealistic Architect Shelley Is His Over Qualified And Physically Fit Assistant David Is Too Rich For His Own Good Lydia Is David S Capable Live In Mistress And Full Time Assistant Karl Just Wants To Build A Winery Georgia Is David S Ex Derek Is Georgia S Attorney Keith Is The David S Brother Jennifer Is A New York Art Dealer Steven Is A Striving Attorney And Rick Just Owns A Nice Boat Sean Is The Small Town Detective Who Has To Figure It All Out And Find A Killer With The Help Of Special Agent Marcus Little JD Rutherford Has Created A Compelling, Multi Layered Saga Of Deceit And Intrigue That Will Keep You Guessing From Start To Finish

10 thoughts on “The Eighth Master

  1. Sherrie Sherrie says:

    OK plot, poorly writtenThere s a reasonably complicated whodunit in this book, but it asks a lot of the reader to get to it Awkward prose, implausible dialogue, and enough extraneous comments to add a good hundred unnecessary pages make this a slog If you are looking for wine or art as themes, skip it they are superficial context here If you are looking for a murder mystery that talks about construction a lot,

  2. Debra Belmudes Debra Belmudes says:

    Well done Great combination of elements wine country, art and architecture I learned a lot, but a lot of the architectural discussion was over my head and reflects the author s possible professional experience with construction and architecture.The plot and the characters were very detailed and very believable I found the story to be fascinating right through to a most unexpected end.

  3. Mindy Mindy says:

    This is not a speedy read, unless you are one who rushes through a book just to say you ve read it This book took time andthan once I was on the internet looking up architectural, artist and financial references I expected I d be introduced to architecture but I was thrown into the world of art auctions and intermediaries and financial wheeling and dealing the likes of which I ve never known as well But ta da There was a murd

  4. Lyn Marshall Lyn Marshall says:

    For me, the book had way too much unnecessary detail I often appreciate some detail, when an author is describing a scene or a particular character In this case, a lot of the detail was distracting and caused me to lose focus on the plot It was also distracting for the author to leap from one time period to the next At least a year went by and then everyone reconnects and I m wondering what was the point in that And finally, I can al

  5. Tiffany Hannick Tiffany Hannick says:

    Interesting storyI enjoyed this book as a whole The story was I interesting and thought provoking There where some times that the story was hard to follow as it jumped to different times giving background about different characters and then it would jump back to the current part of the story dealing with a separate character The author did a great job keeping me guessing about who the real killer was and in the end of the story it ended up b

  6. Mitzi Mitzi says:

    Ohhhhh dear lawd did this book keep me intrigued Wine, art and murder Give me This book kept me guessing the whole Time I absolutely couldn t put it down Trust me when I say going to the potty was quite interesting..

  7. Gracie Gracie says:

    A good read.

  8. Vanessa Perry Vanessa Perry says:

    Ready to read

  9. Ashley Gallegos Ashley Gallegos says:

    A great mystery that keeps you guessing

  10. Debbie Ballard Debbie Ballard says:

    Loved reading the engaging and riveting story David Johnsson, an extremely wealthy man, wanted t0 hire, Neil, to review the work the contractor claimed on his chateau was well past 50% complete, review the work, and to write up a report of his findings While Neil is doing research, his office home is vandalized, Johnsson s maps are stolen, Neil becomes a suspect in David s murder, Neil is arrested and released, and Shelley, his secretary, lover, and girlfriend breaks up with him D

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